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Maintaining a beautiful garden shouldn’t come at the expense of your delicate hands. The Garden Gloves Gift Set offers exceptional care and unrivalled comfort, keeping your hands safe and sound while you work. A small gift for all plant lovers.

This unique gift displays luxury and quality, housed in authentic French-style gift boxes suitable for birthdays or any other special occasion to celebrate the best people in your life.

What’s Inside?

Take hold of nature in the palm of your hands. Our Garden Gloves are available in 2 gorgeous patterns. One features a blue background with a florid pattern, the other in white with pink birds and roses. Designed with canvas backing for long-lasting outside protection and soft lining for a more comfortable experience.

Key Features:

  • Contains: Garden Gloves
  • Glove Size: One Size Fits All
  • Gift Box Size: 252 x 123 x 45 mm
  • Signature Luxury Gift Box
  • Absolutely Free Shipping

Moor & Fen promises to deliver elegance and sophistication in every gift. Each presented in a crisp white box with a mint border, off-white insert and laced with a duck-blue silk ribbon. Completely reusable as housing for seed packets or other stationery. Add your own personal touch by sending it with a quick message from the heart. 

Order yours today and share your love of gardening with your loved ones!

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